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What it is: Service

Watsu (WATer shiaSU) is a form of bodywork based on Shiatsu that is practiced in warm water (35ºC/95ºF).As you float weightlessly in the warm water you are gently held by the practitioner. This support is combined with gentle rocking, stretching, and light acupressure that contribute to easing psycho-physical tensions. Your muscles are massaged, your joints mobilised, tissues stretched, energy pathways opened. Being supported in such a nurturing way allows mind and body to let go, which relieves muscular tensions and fosters a state of deep relaxation. The great peculiarity of Watsu is the sensation of lightness that is felt while floating and the freedom of movement promoted by the buoyancy of the water. ​You are taken on a journey, guided through flowing movements, which can help emotions come to the surface and be released.

(WATSU® was created in the 1980s by Harold Dull at Harbin Hot Springs, California. It was introduced by Arjana C. Brunschwiler in Switzerland in 1992 and in Belgium in 1996.)

And WaTa?

WaTa (from the German WasserTanz or water dance) is an underwater technique aimed at deep relaxation.

The recipient, using a nose clip, is gradually brought under water with slow, fluid, undulating movements. The physiological response to immersion (known as mammalian diving reflex, a remnant of our aquatic origins) results in the heart rate and metabolism slowing down. The underwater sequences become gradually longer allowing body and mind to relax. Deep relaxation and conscious breathing can lead the recipient to a Waking Dream state and contact their own unconscious.

No competition, no goal other than relaxation and connection with oneself.

The session and the underwater sequences are adapted to the respiratory rhythm of each receiver.

(WATA was created by Peter Schröter and Arjana C. Brunschwiler, both of Swiss origin in 1987.)

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