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Whom it is for ...

Watsu is for everybody, of all ages, including those who wish to gain (or re-gain) confidence in water. It is particularly suitable for pregnant women and older people due to the delicate techniques and the freedom of movement.

Although Watsu does not have any particular side effects, as it takes place in warm water, there are circumstances in which caution is advised:

  • If you have temperature of 38º degrees or more

  • If you have severe pulmonary disorders, urinary tract infections or open wounds

  • If you are pregnant and at risk of giving birth prematurely

  • if you are on medication for which immersion in hot water or a state of deep relaxation are not advised.

You must consult your doctor in case of skin infections, severe blood pressure changes, cardiopathy, multiple sclerosis, allergy to chlorine, epilepsy, incontinence, middle and/or inner ear disorders, dysentery or if you have recently undergone surgery.

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