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What it is

A therapy with

ancient roots

Effects and Benefits

What Watsu can do
for you

Whom it is for ... (and whom it not)

What people say...

"The most relaxing experience of my life. Loredana has the gentlest touch, I never wanted it to stop! "

"Total relaxation in every cell  of my body, from hair to toes."

"The tension I had in my neck vanished half way during the session."

“...a connection with the universe”

"A timeless and spaceless journey"

"... a coming home"

Loredana took me on a weightless dance;  time was suspended! What a pleasure to feel light at 32 weeks of pregnancy. I loved to be in this water bubble as this little baby who is growing in me!
Thank you again. 
Definitively worth trying!" 

“...a profound feeling of oneness”

" I did not know any longer who I was or what I was. I simply ...was."

"I was a bit sceptical at first but I was deeply moved by the experience."

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